SpecFlow Hooks: A Guide for BDD Testing

Most of us know the 3 A’s, which stand for Arrange, Act, and Assert in unit testing. In the BDD universe, they are replaced by Now, Given, When, and Then. As a result, BDD takes the TDD technique to the next level by incorporating standard, readily understood specifications in scenarios. They are also the feature documentation in and of themselves. BDD is a communication and cooperation tool since it connects critical stakeholders, such as product owners, developers, and testers. This guarantees that they are all on the same page regarding the project’s requirements and expectations.

  • This is a basic class including functions for doing addition, multiplication, division, square root, and other operations on the provided input.
  • Here, the scenario is to add numbers, which can also have a description if required .
  • In case you want to get started with the SpecFlow framework, do check out SpecFlow Tutorial For Automation Testing.
  • SpecFlow helps automate the testing of features using Gherkin, the language that forms the foundation of BDD.
  • Choose a target framework and your preferred test automation framework and complete the wizard.
  • The output of these tests provides feedback to the developers on the application’s behavior and helps ensure that the software meets the desired functionality and requirements.
  • Then, he talked about the best practices to write the features files and demonstrated how SpecFlow seamlessly integrates with LambdaTest to execute multiple tests at a brisk pace.

After signing up users receive a confirmation code via email. The code can then be submitted to the app to verify the user. The project will need the SpecFlow NuGet package, but Visual Studio should automatically add it when creating a SpecFlow project. You may need to add other NuGet packages likeFluentAssertions as well.

Scenario Outlines

The actual implementation is fairly similar to a Selenium implementation, except this time we are using the methods provided by SpecFlow Actions. SpecFlow Actions is a solution provided by SpecFlow that enables us to integrate our SpecFlow tests with Selenium. It manages the browser’s lifetime and offers simple configuration options and Selenium helper methods. Choose a target framework and your preferred test automation framework and complete the wizard. In this SpecFlow automation tutorial, we’ll be using NUnit from here on, and I’ll explain along the way the NUnit methods. These two approaches—in isolation and together—can help you write better code and provide higher-quality software faster.

what is specflow in testing

Reusing the same code through the implemented Gherkin statement saves test automation time and thus reduces cost. Use the WaitForControllerApi class to wait for the latest email in the inbox we created. Then we can use a regex pattern to match the email content for a verification code.


From Feature Description to Scenario, he gave a brief overview about Gherkin for the benefit of all the viewers. He used a concrete example of a Calculator to explain the usage of Gherkin feature files. In today’s software industry, achieving a quality bug-free release is entirely dependent on the quality of work done.

what is specflow in testing

SpecFlow is a BDD tool for building executable specifications of your software, typically for automated testing. Cucumber is an integration testing tool that allows you to write human-readable acceptance criteria for your application. Today there is a wide choice of test automation frameworks.

Selenium integration

The framework is created to help teams get aligned around the common understanding of specific business goals, functionality, and acceptance criteria. This is all about effective communication and collaboration which are indispensable to build great software. A feature file may contain multiple scenarios used to describe the feature’s acceptance tests. A scenario describes how a feature should operate when various types/values of input parameters are used.

what is specflow in testing

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to add a new Web API project to the solution. Because .NET 6 does away with the Startup class, you need to modify the Program class in order for the SpecFlow project to “see” it. First, add a public partial Program class to the Program.cs file.

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While we can link the code, this feature file or this Selenium file cannot be properly linked. SpecFlow is a popular tool for behavior-driven development; however, considering the array of factors discussed above, you what is specflow might want to consider newer, more modern no-code tools such as testRigor. Such a tool will make your development process a lot more streamlined, and will save your entire team from both wasted time and frustration.

what is specflow in testing

When you click on the Preview button, you’ll see a preview of how the implementation will appear. After selecting “Generate Step Definitions,” a window will appear with a list of the processor’s discovered step implementations. 3) Make a new class called “CalculatorApplication” that will serve as our test application. This is a basic class including functions for doing addition, multiplication, division, square root, and other operations on the provided input. The new Web API project template includes a weather forecasts controller.

Product Details

The scenario context injection will enable other binding classes to access the Actor object. To run SpecFlow tests, you will also need to choose aunit test provider. Choose only one unit test provider, and install it by adding its NuGet package to the project. Boa Constrictor works with any unit test provider, but SpecFlow+ Runner is recommended. To install SpecFlow+ Runner, you will need to register a SpecFlow account.

Writing Automated Acceptance Tests with Spec Flow – InfoQ.com

Writing Automated Acceptance Tests with Spec Flow.

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Rest assured you’ll be able to meet these challenges, because this blog post will describe precisely how to do these things. Then the article explains how to create a scenario with an example. You will learn how to write the step definitions that bind the statements in the test scenario to the application code.


BDD plays an instrumental role as it minimizes the communication gap between the key stakeholders of any software project. This SpecFlow tutorial will help you understand https://globalcloudteam.com/ how BDD can be utilized. You don’t need to have coding knowledge while writing tests using the BDD approach, all the tests are written in simple English language.






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