’90 Day Fiance’: Which Season 8 Couples Are Still Together?

In the episode, Deva, who lived in Harlem, New York, before she came to NOLA, opens up about how she started to make music after she was bullied as a kid. Before the show, she also dated someone for six and a half years. She also explained how she doesn’t consider herself bisexual, but is simply attracted to people, no matter what gender they are. Unfortunately, the twosome didn’t stay together, with Luke confirming his single status on the podcast Reality Life With Kate Casey. But the two still seem to be friendly, as they both still follow the other on Instagram with the occasional comments here and there. While Luke is still looking for his ladylove, it looks like Victoria found her happy ending, getting engaged in May 2019.

Here’s Who Is Still Together From The Netflix Show “Dating Around”

People go from being totally single to totally married in the course of four weeks — if everything goes according to plan, that is. First they all have to go on a bunch of blind dates and get engaged sight unseen. From there, the new couples get to enjoy a romantic getaway… and then endure the stress of moving in together, planning a wedding, and meeting each other’s families. Just one of those trials could break up an otherwise rock solid couple, but these people have to do all of that at once with someone they just met. Are Bartise and Nancy still together after Love Is Blind season 3? Bartise and Nancy broke up in episode 11 of Love Is Blind season 3 after Bartise told Nancy “I do not” at the altar of their wedding.

Justin was born and raised in New Orleans, where the second season is filmed. (Each season is set in a different city; New York City was the setting for season 1.) His family left New Orleans for some time after Hurricane Katrina and moved to Houston, where he was bullied. Colleen and Matt married on July 2, 2021, according to the marriage license filed in the County of Dallas, Texas. The license listed Colleen Bridget Reed as applicant one, and Matthew Ray Bolton as applicant two. The license was recorded on July 16, 2021, and seemed to confirm Colleen and Matt married in the Love Is Blind season 3 finale three days after Alexa and Brennon, who married on June 30, 2021. TikTok user @broopitt also confirmed Colleen and Matt were still together in November 2022 when they posted two videos of them shopping at Target.

Now fans of the Netflix show are wanting to know whether Ben and Alex are still together. We found and stalked their social media so you don’t have to. Dating Around viewers everywhere must be thrilled that the couple has made it this far.

He had an unforgettable time with Alex, where their conversations were both deep and flirty. Dating Around isa more realistic dating show with a sort of traditional style of romance. Drinks and dinner helped them build deeper connections, and due to some contestants being easily datable, they were quick to get a match to take to the second date. However, most couples have failed to find mutual connections since the show ended.

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The Inclusivity of the show feels normal and less jarring than the typical blonde supermodel and buff male cast in other dating reality TV shows. Even though the show has a drama factor involved because of the interactions happening between various people, it is way less focused on. Viewers might be struggling to get their heads around this split as the two seemed very happy together during recent episodes from After the Altar. And those that have been following their love story via social media will have seen snaps of the two with their fellow Love is Blind cast having fun at Lollapalozza at the beginning of August. It’s not a season of 90 Day Fiancé if one of the couples doesn’t have a huge age gap!

Before the Love Is Blind season 3 finale aired, fans speculated over Cole and Zanab’s relationship status based on their social media behavior. As of writing this, Cole followed Zanab on Instagram and had liked one of her Instagram posts, though Zanab did not follow him back. There was also a woman’s voice in a TikTok video Cole posted in September 2022 of him and his dog. “Aww,” the woman said as Cole’s dog jumped up and down as he flexed in the mirror. Cole also seemed to talk to the woman at the end of the video. Before the Love Is Blind season 3 finale aired, there was speculation over Alexa and Brennon’s relationship status based on their social media.

Since the second season premiered despite Covid 19, fans are anticipating that a new season might be underway. The show has been a hit since its first season premiered on the platform. The reason is the lack of a hefty set of rules, and the couples are not pressurized to choose each other. The show is pretty much way less dramatic than other shows in the genre. People liked a show that was not filled with cliche drama and cash prizes debacles.

Even though Charlotte was Mila’s choice for a second date, the two are no longer together. Mila and Charlotte both seemed to be in different relationships following the show, but it’s unclear if the two are still with their significant others. Benjamin Samuel had viewers falling in love with him during Dating Aroundepisode 2. Not only viewers, though, as he and Alex went on a second date by the end of episode 2.

Although Mila’s Instagram can’t prove that she doesn’t have a special lady in her life, Charlotte is happily engaged. After being crowned the winners of season 4, the couple moved to London together, but things didn’t work out. “I got my heart broken because I fell in love,” Jawahir admitted in December 2022. The series centers around people who are typically involved in meaningless flings and struggle to form long-term relationships.

Hazel had to leave her 8-year-old son, Harry, in the Philippines with his father, but she would be adopting the role as a stepmom of Tarik’s 8-year-old daughter, Ari. Rounding out the season 8 cast are newcomers Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina, Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya, Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa and Stephanie heyy text and Ryan Carr. “I love you,” the brunette beauty captioned a montage video in October 2021 showing what she and boyfriend Noah had been up to after reuniting. “We are still having a wedding this September but who doesn’t want to get married twice! ” Serena gushed via Instagram, teasing their 2023 wedding.

“After much thought, we’re saddened to share that we have separated and will begin the process of divorcing,” they wrote. “While we have love for each other, our lives are going in different directions, and that’s okay.” That being said, on the “After The Altar” episodes, which dropped Feb. 10, SK proposes to Raven…again. In episode five Brandon and Justin are not dating anymore.